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Here is a guest post from Katie, who gives us a great idea for bread-less sandwiches! 

I’m honored to be writing my very first guest post on one of my favorite blogs! I have been following along with Alex’s sugar free journey for a long time now, and truly love her creative recipes and tips, so thanks Alex for having me write for the day!

I’m Katie and I blog over at KatieDid, which documents a “simple tale of life behind the lens”. More specifically I love taking pictures everyday, writing about what I see, do, eat, and create. Half the time I’m babbling on about bacon, and the other half  about something equally as thrilling…

Oh and did I mention I love food? Gluten free food to be exact. It’s shown me how to be creative in the kitchen, and has forced me to learn tons about food in general…

On that note, I’m always looking for different options for sandwiches since I can’t eat bread, so when I saw Angela’s post about kid friendly meals and snacks, I was immediately attracted to the ‘apple sandwiches’. Inspired by her post, I created the cutest mini apple sliders. Mini anything is always 10 times more fun and cute anyways!

Apple Sliders

One large apple sliced horizontally into 4 slices

2 slices of any kind of cheese (I used dill havarti)

Meat if desired (I used turkey)


Other topping ideas: peanut butter and jelly, veggies and hummus, nutella and peanut butter…


Assemble the apple slices as you would bread and munch away on a delicious, portable, naturally gluten free sandwich option!

Other sans-which options that I love…

  • Lettuce wraps using butter lettuce or collard greens
  • Portabella buns
  • Wraps using the skin of sweet potatoes
  • S’mores using just chocolate for the crackers!

Have you ever tried any of these options? What other creative ways have you substituted for bread before?

Thanks for the great idea, Katie! Make sure you all check out her site. Especially her posts on How to go “Poo-Less,Spicy Peanut Sweet Potato Fries, and her Do’s and Don’ts for bacon Grease


9 Responses to Apple Sliders-Guest Post

  1. First of all I love “sans-wiches” haha such a clever term! I also do this a lot with peanut butter! I dont’ know why I never thought to try it with cheese. Apples and cheese are such a great combo!! Nutella idea sounds great too!

  2. Rachel says:

    i loooove smores without the graham crackers!! i like my apple slides with PB 🙂

  3. Apple sliders? AWESOME idea!!! 🙂

  4. I love this idea. Great combination’s you’ve come up with 🙂

  5. Leah says:

    Apple sliders is a fantastic idea. And, if you really wanted to go all out for a dinner party, then true chicken or turkey burger sliders with caramelized onions would be amazing with the apples! Thanks for the fabulous idea.

  6. this is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Definitely the cutest slider 😉 I’d fill mine with peanut butter and almond slices!

  7. SO CUTE! Ohmygosh, those are the cutest things EVER! 😀

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