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  1. I have been eating sugar free this month and STAYING HYDRATED and EATING SAVORY FOODS are key for me! When I eat sweet things, I just want more more more! And drinking a lot of water keeps my mouth busy and makes me feel satisfied so I’m not tempted to eat more, or crave anything sweet!

  2. Great tips! I agree with all of them especially having ‘good’ food stocked up in the house and learn to love savory meals. That has been key for me… to look at savory foods as heaven 😉 and having others do it with you is fun too!

  3. I sooo agree with being tired and craving more sugar!! no wonder I’ve been wanting more sweet food than usual lately, b/c I’m kind of sleepy throughout the day haha. great reminders Alex!

  4. I’m with you at the challenge 🙂 – I just posted about it on FB and already someone likes it! Hope many many join

  5. I can minimize the “bad sugar” foods to less frequent.
    However, I flock daily to fruits, dark chocolate, stevia, lara bars, dates, and some other things. So I guess I fail at this a bit.
    I also like ice cream (I try to get coconut or goat milk for a change when affordable).

      • What about baker’s unsweetened dark chocolate? stevia? I also like some cookies that are made with agave nectar and some other things. Fruits are okay?

        By the way, do you eat grains?

        • Yes! Baker’s unsweetened chocolate is delicious! And stevia is fine, too, but I was going for a “all sugar and sugar substitute free” post. I don’t like agave nectar, and I really don’t think it is good for the body because it is a highly processed syrup. I can send you a couple links to studies done about agave nectar if you want. And fruits are great! I just wouldn’t eat a whole bunch of them A couple a day are fine, though.

          And yes, I do eat some grains. I try to limit them, though, and I only have it a few times a week. The occasional bowl of oatmeal or brown rice.

  6. ok you got on this way faster than i planned. I have created a badge and will send it to you, so hopefully we can get people to put that up and get even more excited. I will get a post up about this soon too

    • You created a badge?! Ohmygosh that’s awesome!!! I can’t wait to see it 🙂

      And I figured I should get something goin so people can plan for it. I know I like to plan waaay ahead of time!

  7. When I first gave up white sugar, I craved it a lot. Hello dark chocolate dreams peanut butter? But white sugar has been known to give me severe migraines to the point where I pretty much think I am allergic to it..
    I eat maple syrup and agave in moderation but I no longer crave the white stuff. Why would I when there are so many delicious fruits that can satisfy the sweet tooth?!

    Great tips girly, I love all your sugar free desserts.

  8. I love your tips! Is there any way you could share some brands you use that don’t have sugar? Like sauces and dressings, etc.

  9. mhmm that pesto socca pizza looks so great! and so do your healthy 7layer bars! gahh i want to make those NOW! couldnt agree more though on the need for sleep-I got wayy too little last night and I’m definitely feeelin’ it in terms of MEGA sugar cravings! happy mothers day!

  10. I do need to cut back on sugar because I have been noticing the effects of it more and more on my body. However, I can’t give it up completely. I need my cupcakes and chocolate.

    I gave up sugar for a week once, and it was so hard! EVERYTHING has sugar in it! I’m in awe of you for being able to do it!

    <3 Milieu

  11. I found out I have Candida, which feeds off of sugar, dairy, gluten, etc. I have gone sugar free and it’s not at all that hard. I do think the idea of it is frightening at first (even to me), but there are ways to get around it. Once you do, you don’t actually crave the sugar.

    I do agree that sugar is lurking in products that you least expect. Check your labels for sure!

    • Hi Nicole,

      Definitely check your labels! Best of luck to you on your new diet, it sounds like you are doing great!